Iceland’s Equal Pay Law Requires Employer Payroll Certification

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There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about Iceland’s new equal pay law, so we dug into what the law actually requires. My new analysis on Bloomberg BNA separates the fact from the fiction:

Courtroom Live Streaming Finally Goes Big League

Law, Policy, Technology

My latest for Lawyerist on how the recent federal appeals court decision not to reinstate President Trump’s controversial travel ban was also a historic step for the use of technology to increase courtroom access and transparency:

Courtroom Live Streaming Finally Goes Big League

The Jury Is Not Out Yet On Citizen Jurors

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My new opinion piece on the Daily Caller in which I make the case that a jury composed of fellow citizens is the fairest method of safeguarding our freedom, promoting justice, and ultimately protecting democracy until a more nuanced understanding of how the current jury system—and the justice system as a whole—can ensure that the system continues to be responsive to the needs of society

The Jury Is Not Out Yet On Citizen Jurors