Recent Appearances and Interviews

Group is backing a string of marijuana proposals in Michigan, but its donors are a mystery, NPR & WKAR (November 2021)

We “Follow the Money” Behind the Financing of January 6, Background Briefing with Ian Masters (October 2021)

USA, Europe and Australia conducted a special operation on the darknet (США, Европа и Австралия провели спецоперацию в даркнете), Voice of America’s Russian service (October 2021)

Al Araby TV (September 2021)

Roskomnadzor “knocked” on the door to Apple and Google (Теории заговора, дезинформация и пандемия), Voice of America’s Russian service (September 2021)

Conspiracy theories, disinformation and the pandemic (Роскомнадзор «постучался» в дверь к Apple и Google), Voice of America’s Russian service (July 2021)

Two protests in Texas – one organizer: Russian “trolls” (Два протеста в Техасе – один организатор: российские), Voice of America’s Russian service (June 2021)

Special Report with Brett Baier, Fox News (May 2021)

The Funnel, Issue One’s Swamp Stories podcast (April 2021)

Why the Democrats Want to Ban Dark Money Even Though They Raised More of it in 2020, Background Briefing (March 2021)

The Arms Race That Won’t End, Issue One’s Swamp Stories podcast (March 2021)

Dark money in politics, Tangle

Putin’s Patriots, Four Corners (February 2021)

Privacy bills open the door for more ‘dark money’ in state political campaigns, Keloland (February 2021)

Cashing In: Biden Swamps Trump in ‘Dark Money,‘ KTRH NewsRadio (February 2021)

The Races in Georgia, Full Measure (December 2020)

Campaign Cash, Full Measure (November 2020)

Dark money in the 2020 election, NPR Radio Times (October 2020)

Shared State, Montana Free Press (October 2020)

New York attorney general’s office sues National Rifle Association, CBS This Morning (August 2020)

Macht und Machenschaften USA – Gekaufte Politik, ZDFinfo  (July 2020)

Finding your next story in social media political ads, FirstDraft News’ Infotheque 2020 (July 2020)

The Role Of 501(c)(4)s In Politics, Spectrum News (July 2020)

The FEC is AWOL, The Open Mind on PBS (April 2020)

Dark Money Shell Game, Issue One’s Swamp Stories podcast (March 2020)

How does campaign finance work in regard to digital ads in the US? Point Report (January 2020)

Future Of Surprise Medical Billing Legislation Remains Uncertain, NPR All Things Considered (November 2019)

Decoding Digital Advertising Ahead of 2020, Issue One (November 2019)

Tracking Dark Money and Online Political Ads in New Mexico, University of New Mexico (November 2019)

Servants of the People’s Servants in the United States. Who spoke on behalf of President Zelensky’s campaign? (Лобісти «Слуги народу» у США. Хто виступав від імені кампанії президента Зеленського? Відео) Voice of America (August 2019)

After Weekend Shootings, Calls for Action on Capitol Hill, Spectrum News North Carolina (August 2019)

Dark Money 2020, Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference (June 2019)

Waking Up. WBAI Radio 99.5FM NYC (May 2019)

NRA in turmoil amid investigation and leadership shift, CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (April 2019)

The NRA and the battle against itself, CNN (April 2019)

American researcher tells about a “unique” campaign by Tymoshenko in the United States (Американська дослідниця розповіла про “унікальну” кампанію Тимошенко у США. Інтерв’ю), Voice of America (April 2019)

When Does a Contribution Become a Bribe? A Closer Look at Money in Politics, Spectrum News  (April 2019)

The NRA, In the Red and In Crisis, Public News Service (April 2019)

NC Lawmakers Donate Contributions from Indicted Businessman to Charity, Spectrum News  (April 2019)

How to follow the dark money in politics, Investigative Reporters and Editors’ 2019 CAR Conference (March 2019)

How do we get money out of politics? Your Call, KALW Pubic Radio (Jan 2019)

Dark money from the Ukrainian oligarchs and from abroad will become the factor of the Ukrainian election. Voice of America, Chastime Ukrainian-language broadcast (Dec. 2018)

Dark Money 2020. Issue One (Nov. 2018)

Billionaire donations are driving midterm spending, Marketplace. NPR (Oct. 2018)

Saudi Crown Prince Breaks Silence on Khashoggi. BBC NewsHour. BBC World Service (Oct. 2018)


Manafort Trial Puts Spotlight on Lobbyists. Voice of America (Oct. 2018)

Is it dangerous to be a lobbyist, and what are the risks of working with dictators? How will the work of the multi-billion dollar industry change after the trial of Paul Manafort. Voice of America. Ukrainian-language broadcase (Oct. 2018)


Money in Politics in the 2018 Midterm Elections, Brennan Center for Justice NYU DC and the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (Oct. 2018)

Foreign influence event and Foreign Lobby Watch demo. Center for Responsive Politics (Sept. 2018)


Roundtable on the REFUSE Act and how we can protect American democracy from foreign influence. House offices of Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Rep. Walter Jones (Sept. 2018)


Foreign Spending on Lobbying in the U.S. Washington Journal. CSPAN (August 2018)

Global Payroll Management Institute Education Virtual Class: Complying With Social Security Taxes on Wages Around the World (June 2018)

Hurricane Harvey Coverage. Stacy on the Right. Urban Family Talk and American Family Radio (Aug. 2017)

Is everything POTUS does a crime? Stacy on the Right. Urban Family Talk and American Family Radio (Aug. 2017)

The Russia thing is back. Stacy on the Right. Urban Family Talk and American Family Radio (July 2017)

Reality Check with Ryan Gorman – Money In Politics. 970 WFLA News Radio on iHeartRadio. (Aug. 2016)

Both political parties gunning for youth vote in 2012. Time Warner Cable TV News (April 2012)