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China, Kenya Sign First Income Tax Treaty, Bloomberg BNA (November 2017)

Romania to Consider Changes to Minimum Wage, Income, Social Taxes, Bloomberg BNA (November 2017)

Bulgaria to Increase National Monthly Minimum Wage for 2018, Bloomberg BNA (November 2017)

A World of Minimum Wage Compliance Complexity, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

U.S. Issues Foreign Per Diem Rates Effective Nov. 1, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Finland’s Pension Contribution Rates to Increase in 2018, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Ireland Minimum Wage to Increase in 2018, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

New European Tax Dispute Resolution System to Take Effect by June 30, 2019, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

France’s 2018 Budget Would Overhaul Social Taxes, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Luxembourg Allows Employers to Electronically File Tax Declarations, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Survey Ranks Country Complexity for Payroll, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Ireland’s 2018 Budget Would Change Minimum Wage, Income, Social Tax Aspects, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Minimum Wages to Increase Nov. 1 in China’s Hubei Province, Bloomberg BNA (October 2017)

Germany Proposes New Social Tax Ceilings for 2018, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Minimum Wages to Increase Oct. 1 for India Jurisdiction of Chhattisgarh, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Japan Releases New Minimum Wage for Yamanashi Prefecture, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Egypt Ratifies Income Tax Treaty With Saudi Arabia, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Cameroon-South Africa Income Tax Treaty to Take Effect Jan. 1, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Pakistan Extends Deadline for Income Tax Returns to Sept. 30, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Tanzania Releases 2017-2018 Resident Income Tax Rates and Brackets, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

Pakistan Extends Deadline for Income Tax Returns to Sept. 30, Bloomberg BNA (September 2017)

The Rise of Robot Taxes, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

U.S. Updates Per Diem Rates for Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Protocol to Belgium-Mexico Income Tax Treaty Enters Into Force, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

France Updates Social Tax Contributions for 2018, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Brazil Reduces Proposed 2018 Minimum Wage, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Romania to Require Electronic Reporting of Some Tax Returns, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

India Proposes National Minimum Wage Standard, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Argentina-Mexico Income Tax Treaty to Enter Into Force Aug. 23, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

South Korea Finalizes Hourly Minimum Wage Increase for 2018, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Aruba Increased Minimum Wage Aug. 1, Bloomberg BNA (August 2017)

Mozambique-Portugal Social Tax Treaty Enters into Force, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Pakistan Updates Income Tax Withholding Rates, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Beijing to Increase Minimum Wage Sept. 1, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Denmark Changes Payroll Deposit Requirements for Some Foreign Workers, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Spain-Mexico Tax Treaty Protocol Set to Enter Into Force, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Belgium Transfers Oversight of Annual Vacation Time and Paid Holiday Disputes, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Japan-Latvia Tax Treaty Enters into Force, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

Uruguay Increased Domestic Service Minimum Wage July 1, Bloomberg BNA (July 2017)

China, Netherlands Social Tax Treaty to Enter Into Force Sept. 1, 2017, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Greece Extends Deadline for Filing Annual Income Tax Return, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Spain’s Congress of Deputies Approves Tax Treaty with Qatar, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Saskatchewan Province Minimum Wage to Increase Oct. 1, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Employees to Receive Paid Leave for 2017 Eid al-Fitr Holiday, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Major Treaty Boosts Power to Resolve Global Tax Disputes, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Germany Ratifies Replacement Tax Treaty with Armenia, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

OECD Countries Sign Multilateral Treaty on Double Taxation, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Singapore Adopts Minimum Wage Increases Effective July 1, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Armenia-Sweden Tax Treaty Enters Into Force, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Australia Tax Office Makes Changes to Superannuation System, Bloomberg BNA (June 2017)

Employer-Provided Cars & Phones: A Multinational Tax Comparison, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

China Issues Reporting Requirements for New Tax-Exempt Health Insurance Program, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

European Council Reaches Accord on New Double-Taxation Dispute Resolution System, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

New Zealand Ratifies Social Tax Agreement with Australia, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

Social Tax Treaty Between Japan, Luxembourg Enters Into Force, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

Sweden to Require Monthly Reporting of Individual Employee Wages, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

Tax Treaty Between Ethiopia and Portugal Enters Into Force, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

Kazakhstan Announces Changes to New Mandatory Health Contributions, Bloomberg BNA (May 2017)

Nonprofits backing Trump have deep, swampy ties, Center for Responsive Politics OpenSecrets Blog (May 2017)

Wellspring’s dark money crucial to judicial group, helps others in Trump orbit, Center for Responsive Politics OpenSecrets Blog; Huffington Post (March 2017)

Courtroom Live Streaming Finally Goes Big League, Lawyerist (February 2016)

Amazon Echo Is Both Useful and Risky For Lawyers, Lawyerist (January 2017)

Presidential Inauguration Committee Members Influence Trump from Behind-the-Scenes—and Outside the Beltway, World News Network (January 2017)

The Trump Inauguration Committee’s Political Outsider, Daily Caller (January 2017)

New Document Reveals Details of Trump Inauguration Underwriter Perks, Huffington Post (January 2017)


Betsy DeVos and her big-giving relatives: Family qualifies as GOP royalty, Huffington Post (December 2016)

The Ethics of Ghostwriting for Pro Se Litigants, Lawyerist (December 2016)

Trump Transition Team Members Rub Shoulders With Congress, Daily Caller (December 2016)

Feeling ad fatigue? You should. More than 3.3 million ads have run in the 2016 elections. Center for Responsive Politics OpenSecrets Blog (November 2016)

Twitter Account Verification for Lawyers, Lawyerist (November 2016)

Safeguarding As The ‘Fear Index’ Surges, Daily Caller (November 2016)

Your Practice Isn’t a Used-Car Lot: Puffery and Virtual Offices, Lawyerist (October 2016)

Big Unanswered Questions on Big Data and Ethical Obligations, Lawyerist (September 2016)

The Jury Is Not Out Yet On Citizen Jurors, Daily Caller (September 2016)

How to Stop Your Phone from Leaking Private Information to Everyone You Call, Lawyerist (September 2016)

The Voodoo and How-To of Lawyers’ Duty to Search the Internet, Lawyerist (August 2016)

Uber’s Secret, Encrypted, Far-Reaching Investigation Into Opposing Counsel, Lawyerist (July 2016)

The Founding Fathers as Lawyers, Lawyerist (July 2016)

IRS Releasing Electronically-Filed Nonprofit Tax Data, Huffington Post (June 2016)

OneDrive for Lawyers User Guide, Lawyerist (June 2016)

Unbundling Legal Services Could Open the Door to Innovation, Lawyerist (June 2016)

Mapping In-House Lawyers from Ethical Champions to the Comfortably Numb, Lawyerist (June 2016)

Can the Internet Help Bridge the Justice Gap?, Lawyerist (June 2016)

New tax forms show strong ties between pro-Rubio group and campaign, OpenSecrets Blog (May 2016)

Bringing dark money out of the shadows, Knight Foundation’s KnightBlog (April 2016)

New nonprofit tied to stealthy circle of dark money groups, OpenSecrets Blog (April 2016)

The State of Women in Law, Lawyerist (March 2016)

Why Are Lawyers and Judges Still Tweeting About Trial?, Lawyerist (March 2016)

6 Times the Law Spoiled Valentine’s Day, Lawyerist (Feb. 2016)

Shillelagh-Brandishing Potty Mouth Loses Law License, Lawyerist (Feb. 2016)

Nonprofit cops to too much politicking, sends IRS an IOU, OpenSecrets Blog (Jan. 2016)

Six Degrees of Deliberation: 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Judicial Ties, Lawyerist (Jan. 2016)

The Impact of White Teeth on Legal Tech, Lawyerist (Jan. 2016)


Could criminal complaints be a new way to tackle dark money? OpenSecrets Blog (Dec. 2015)

The Strangest Things Lawyers Have Tried to Bill For, Lawyerist (Dec. 2015)

12 Times the Holidays and the Law Didn’t Mix as Well as Eggnog, Lawyerist (Dec. 2015)

Internet Tools for Researching Opposing Counsel, Judges, and Juries,Lawyerist (Nov. 2015)

The Dos and Don’ts of Researching Judges and Juries Online,Lawyerist (Oct. 2015)

Beware Mixing Social Media and Judges, Lawyerist (Sep. 2015)

Deleting Your Website Can Come Back to Bite You in the Assets,Lawyerist (Sep. 2015)

D5 and the Transformation of Digital Government, Journal of American Diplomacy (May 2015).

The Ethical Dilemma of LinkedIn Specialties, Skills, and Endorsements. Foothills Bar Association of San Diego County Newsletter (April 2015)

Rebranding or Misappropriation? Connections! Blog (February 20, 2015)

Rapid Changes in Attorney Advertising- A Case to Watch.Connections! Blog (February 18, 2015)

Is Your Law Firm’s Blog Commercial Speech? Connections! Blog (January 29, 2015)


Why Flight Restrictions Over Ferguson? The Hill (November 26, 2014)

Strength and weakness of the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014, The Hill (February 24, 2014)


Wolfpack Pride Thriving. Pack Poll (April 2012)

Students Pessimistic About Direction of Country. Pack Poll (April 2012)

Obama Favored Against Likely GOP Candidates.  Pack Poll (April 2012)


Students Divided on Occupy Wall Street. Pack Poll (December 2011)

Fewer Students Oppose Gays and Lesbians to Legally Marry. Pack Poll (November 2011)

Nearly All Students Proud to be At N.C. State. Pack Poll (November 2011)