The State of Women in Law

by Anna


My new Lawyerist article for Women’s History Month started out as something entirely different and ended up morphing into something kind of amazing.

After writing a short piece about recent research on women, it was suggested that I write a more comprehensive piece on women in law. Some of you probably know I’m somewhat leery of regulating gender equality and feel strongly that systems should be based on merit alone, so I approached this topic as a skeptic.

For every statistic I found that seemed too far-fetched or couched in bias, I searched for another. Each time I was able to find something from a more recent and reputable source. However, these sources painted no more forgiving a picture and sometimes an even worse one. This project was eye opening for me, both in terms of the disparities that still exist and the innovative women who made their mark in law despite the odds against them.

My recent piece for Lawyerist:

The State of Women in Law 

Hopefully y’all can learn a little something too!