What happens when you try to discover who’s behind dark money ads

Libby Watson’s new blog post for the Sunlight Foundation follows her account of attempting to discover who’s behind dark money ads as a part of a fascinating larger investigation into Protect America’s Consumers, and also includes a blurb about my own attempt to find more about ads being run by a super PAC on Fox Business Network during a GOP debate:

Verizon FiOS TV makes public inspection files available to be viewed through a limited number of retail stores. … The staff had apparently been briefed not to let me touch the computer so I had to tell the staff members what search terms to use. The clerk helping me was originally hesitant to even let me look at the computer but eventually broke when he realized how many hundreds of file names we would be looking through. The store clerk was patient and continued running searches based on terms I told him such as “Baby Got PAC” and other individuals with ties to the group for over an hour. We performed searches and manually scrolled through the political folders in every region, the entire visit was ultimately fruitless.”

Read more on the Sunlight Foundation blog.

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