The Founding Fathers as Lawyers

Happy Fourth of July!

In celebration of America’s independence, here’s my new Lawyerist profile of lawyers and judges who shaped the nation:

The Founding Fathers as Lawyers

My new favorite finds?

—Noah Webster, who engaged in one of the first climate change debates, “translated” the Bible because he thought it was dirty and felt that “a woman couldn’t read it without blushing,” and fathered the the American English language, dictionary, and copyright law.

—Francis Hopkinson, who was a treasurer, songwriter, inventor, poet, writer, artist, and lawyer who supported the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence and writing songs like “The Battle of the Kegs.” He claimed to design the American flag, but Congress denied his request for a quarter cask of wine as payment. Also, just how many of the Founding Fathers were self-taught bibliophiles and creative-types, despite being lawyers.

Read more on Lawyerist.

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