New foreign influence stories

The Center for Responsive Politics published a number of new foreign influence stories using the Foreign Lobby Watch tool over the past week.

First, FEC filings showed a Chinese-owned company’s $1.3 million contributions to pro-Jeb! Bush super PAC Right to Rise—found to be illegal foreign interference resulting in the biggest FEC fine since Citizens United—wasn’t the only money the company funneled into U.S. elections.

Plus, FARA filings revealed new foreign agents cleaning the reputation of a fugitive Malaysian financier in the billion-dollar 1MDB scandal tied to Trump’s campaign, Paris Hilton, a Trump Organization ethics advisor, Chris Christie, Marc Kasowitz, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities.

Then, foreign agents of embattled Chinese telecom giant Huawei registered under FARA for the first time as part of their multi-part litigation, lobbying and public relations strategy.

Check them out on OpenSecrets:

Chinese-owned company that gave illegal $1.3 million to Jeb Bush super PAC also gave to pro-Clinton groups

Fugitive Malaysian financier in multibillion-dollar scandal building army of foreign agents in the U.S.

US firms register as foreign agents of embattled Chinese telecom giant Huawei

Following Citizens United, foreign-owned corporations funnel millions into US elections


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